How to File a Workplace Discrimination Complaint

Did you know that it’s illegal to discriminate against someone in the workplace? It doesn’t matter if their job is at a restaurant or in an office building; there are laws in place for people who experience discrimination. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what they can do when faced with this type of situation.

This post will cover all the steps needed to file a complaint and pursue justice after experiencing workplace discrimination.

1) Find out if the law is on your side

You have two different types of protection when it comes to discrimination. There are federal and state laws that protect against workplace discrimination and the United States Constitution. You need to find out which type applies in your situation to figure out which office will hear your complaint.

2) Gather as Much Evidence As Possible

A crucial part of your complaint is evidence. You’ll want to gather any documents that can support what you’re saying, like emails or texts from the person who discriminated against you. If there are witnesses, it’s also a good idea to get their contact information and witness statements on paper so they have an official record.

3) Fill Out Form

One of the most critical steps is filling out an official form. This will serve as your complaint and tell a story about what happened to you at work. A skilled lawyer can help you in this regard.

4) Hire An Attorney

A lawyer can help you with everything from filing a complaint to finding the best possible outcome for your case. They’ll be able to make sure that all legal matters are taken care of, and they’re also qualified to defend your rights in court if necessary. You can connect with an individual law professional or a well-known law firm like Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys to keep things sorted right from the beginning. 

If you take care of these four steps, you’ll not have to struggle at any stage while trying to file a workplace discrimination complaint.