How To Protect Yourself If You’re Charged With Aggravated Assault

If you are charged with assault, your entire life might be turned upside down in an instance. Suddenly, people’s perceptions of you and your personality might shift radically, presenting you as someone you’re not. The assault might sometimes be acceptable in the eyes of the law if you can show that the circumstances required physical involvement. Experts in the field of law can assist in laying out viable defenses to assault allegations.


Self-defense is the most prevalent defense to assault accusations. It allows a person to avoid criminal charges for showing that you utilized self-defense in a physical attack situation. The weakness of this argument is that, even if they have to use force to defend themselves, the level of energy used is open to interpretation. In self-defense, the level of detail employed must be proportional to the threat posed by the other person.

Others’ Defense:

Self-defense is quite similar to the defense of others, except that instead of fearing danger to oneself, the person is defending another from potential harm. There must be legitimate grounds for their concern for the safety of another person, just as there must be for self-defense.

Property Protection:

According to the defense of property theory, an individual assaulted another because they feared harm to their property or an illegal invasion of property. 

In general, if there is a disagreement over property, the owner has no right to use physical force to reclaim it. They can employ staff to recover a stolen item.

Defense Of Consent:

If an assault victim consented to participate in an activity, they could not accuse someone of assault for injuries sustained due to that activity. However, if the conduct goes beyond initially approved, the court may still attempt to penalize the perpetrator, even if they did the assault with the agreement.

If you’ve been charged with assault, you’ll need to develop a legal defense to clear your reputation and get the accusations dropped. Assault charge lawyers like Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian can assist you in determining the best course of action in court. If you want to speak with an expert assault and battery lawyer, you should do so immediately.