Ways For Police Officers To Receive Disability Benefits For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most employees are aware that they can submit a workers’ compensation claim if they are injured on the job. If you’re a police officer, you’re probably aware that you have access to additional perks in some cases. Many employees believe that their injuries or illnesses must be physical to be compensated. 

This might be due to how society sees mental illness or the way workers’ compensation is explained. So, can you get workers’ compensation payments if you have PTSD? You may seek compensation if you acquire mental health difficulties due to your employment. 

They must, however, be related to the work. Obtaining legal counsel from a Maryland workers’ compensation attorney can guarantee that you do not miss out on any benefits to which you are entitled.

Police Officers May Be Eligible For Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Ptsd:

The majority of individuals do not have to deal with severely traumatic experiences daily. According to some research, they have PTSD at a comparable rate as military veterans. PTSD symptoms are seen in between 7% and 19% of police personnel. The frequency is just 3.5 percent among the general populace.

A single event, such as a gunshot in the line of duty, might trigger PTSD. Perhaps you were hurt or witnessed your companion suffer a deadly wound. Seeing a sad occurrence or attempting but failing to save a life can be upsetting. It’s not as simple to diagnose PTSD and relate it to a specific circumstance as it is to analyze a gunshot wound. 

Police personnel frequently acquire cumulative PTSD. Rather than a single event like a shooting, this is due to frequent or protracted exposure to intense stress and trauma. Cumulative PTSD has the same severe effects as typical PTSD. A stressful work occurrence might potentially worsen pre-existing PTSD. To establish a compelling case, you’ll need to collaborate with a medical practitioner and an experienced attorney.

Even if you are legally entitled to workers’ compensation payments, getting them may be difficult. You’ll need to make sure your claim is supported by proof and a workers’ compensation claim. Experts such as Fusco, Bradenstein & Rada, P.C can assist you with this. They will look into your case, discover all of the unique factors, and present a compelling argument on your behalf. For more information, click here.