Wrongful Death Attorney: When Do You Need One

A defendant’s unlawful conduct can result in the death of another person in a variety of scenarios. The most basic type of wrongful death that an attorney may assist you with is the establishment of culpability. Without this, any lawsuit is effectively null and void, as no case can be formed on these grounds. But, before we get there, let’s take a look at what might lead someone to die and how a wrongful death attorney can assist.

Fatalities in car accidents caused by carelessness.

The victim’s family may be entitled to compensation if the person dies as a result of the accident. The most typical grounds for a wrongful death case include issues such as drunk driving, reckless driving, or careless driving.

Victim of medical malpractice.

A misdiagnosis, therapeutic mistake, surgical error, or inability to detect a disease can all result in mortality. In such situations, if the doctor failed to provide the degree of care that another doctor in the same problem would have provided, you may have grounds for a wrongful death action. There are several key questions that might make or break a medical negligence case, including:

  • What are the necessary medical care standards?
  • Did the medical practitioner in question follow these guidelines or stray from them?

It’s fairly standard procedure for medical malpractice lawyers to call in one or more expert witnesses who can answer these questions.

Error in a Pharmaceutical Drug.

Wrongful death can occur when a pharmaceutical manufacturer fails to disclose (or even conceals) a drug’s severe adverse effects. Furthermore, if a firm fails to notify customers of a dangerous medication interaction and someone dies. As a result, the company may be liable for wrongful death.


Losing a loved one as a result of another’s careless or irresponsible action is heartbreaking and often life-changing. If the dead were your family’s breadwinner, you and those who relied on him or her might face substantial financial difficulties. To assist you in achieving justice for your loved one, you must find a wrongful death attorney like Hach & Rose, LLP who has handled cases similar to yours previously.